I am not a crazy hiker dragging a huge backpack and several days’ supplies up to the top of the mountains and staying in the tent overnight. This is definitely not me. But I am a big fan of bushwalking. I feel lucky living in Australia. This is one of the best places in the world for doing the things I love. I love an active life, exercising and being outdoors. I love hiking. Here I would like to share with you why. READ MORE→

Quite often on Sunday I hop in the car and just drive somewhere to go for a walk and be alone with the natural beauty, escaping the everyday reality.

I feel lucky that I live in Australia and have this great opportunity to walk by the ocean. Last Sunday I took a walk between two beaches along the ocean coast (from Pretty to Pebbly beach). It was a beautiful combination of beaches and forests, pure unspoiled nature, sea breeze, the sun and the ocean itself. Absolutely amazing 9K walk between 2 beaches. The walking path constantly meandered, going up to the bush and then back down to the beach. I enjoyed the changing landscape and fantastic views all the way long as well as walking on sand, sea pebbles and climbing small hills. Unsurprisingly the walk was a bit of exercising which I really enjoyed.  There was even a rope to climb which added a bit of excitement. READ MORE→

A Sunday bushwalk is one of my favorite weekend activities. This time we took the 8.5K return walk in Namadgi National Park and climbed 270 metres to get to Square Rock which is around 1400 metres above sea level.

I walk a lot. I love combining walking and exercising and I've done a few really hard and  long walks. Even if this one wasn't one of the hardest (just 270 metres vertical) it was an amazing experience! READ MORE→

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