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Pumpkin Love Juice

Pumpkin is reach in β-carotene as well as most of its close relatives such as carrots and sweet potato. It is also one of the natural antioxidants that helps to improve your skin health. There is much more to say about the health benefits of drinking and eating pumpkins but lets get back to the topic – pumpkin love juice recipe.

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Gluten-Free and Oil-Free Coconut butter oatmeal cookies

  • Quick and easier to make (you don't have to be very skilled to bake it. Just follow the simple instructions below).
  • They are good for the most important meal of the day (breakfast) and going well as a after-workout snack (which is also very important).
  • They are good for vegans too.
  • They go well with a morning coffee, if that is your thing.

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Green salad with cherry tomatoes and shredded pistachios

A little bit of a summer experiment. Green salad with cherry tomatoes and shredded pistachios. When I first made the salad I really liked this nuts note in it. So I was brave and creative and added some sunflowers seeds and almonds. And guess what? Love it

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Light egg and basil pesto salad

It was a bit of an experiment when all these ingredients were mixed together. I tried to add just a bit of radish in this salad and loved  that light tart note it added. We both (me and my husband) loved it. So I suggest you try it as well.

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Orange and red chicory salad

Such a colorful thing this salad! What do they say? “Some days you have to create your own sunshine” This is definitely the way. The only thing that can make this delightful salad taste better is some nuts. You can add pine nuts or pistachios or even some pepitas and sunflower seeds.

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Village radish salad

A very healthy and delicious country style village radish salad. It is great by itself or as a side for your dinner or lunch. Chicken breast and vegetables are always a great combination. It tastes great. It is very good for your health. You can have as much of that salad as you want without the fear of putting on some extra kilos. It is very light, but you will never feel hungry afterwards. How does it sound? It sounds perfect to me! 

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