Beauty secrets: 4 ways to enjoy frozen greens and other goodies

1A1A8835Life is such a busy thing nowadays and we all have hard mornings from time to time, when it’s not easy to wake up and even if you did make it to the bathroom and had a shower you still feel like you haven’t slept much and just want to go back to bed. Familiar with this feeling? Me too. Fortunately, there is one thing that always helps me to wake up, even on the hard mornings. If I feel tired and sleepy in the morning I love using herbs and veggie ice cubes to wash my face and freshen up. They work really well for me. I froze chamomile, herbal tea, mint, cucumbers and sometimes just pure water to use for washing my face in the morning. Cold ice-cubes improve circulation and help get rid of dark circles under your eyes. It works just perfectly when you still feel tired in the morning straight after waking up. I love doing it because it is also fun and feels really nice and refreshing on your skin. Also, washing my face with ice cubes almost every morning and playing around with different ways of using it I found that it is very pleasant to apply moisturizing face cream straight after. It prolongs the refreshing feeling that I like about using the cold cubes and makes your skin feel fresh for the whole morning! Continue Reading →

Avocado and Oatmeal Face Mask


Love doesn’t know borders and limits. It is driven by the most beautiful feelings and emotions. It can last forever and become infinite. That is what you feel when you are in love:) I am in love with green smoothie. And I’ve extended my love by not only drinking and eating greens and veggies but also to use them to nourish my skin. Avocado and oatmeal are probably the most often used ingredients in my breakfast, every day. Today they are also making my skin glow because I am having the avocado and oatmeal facemask. How awesome is that??

This is a very easy to make homemade facemask, and is very good for a dry skin (like mine). Most of you guys are probably enjoying the sun and very warm time of the year now. It’s different here where I am, in Australia. Here it is winter and freezing cold. Brr…Either way the avocado mask is an excellent moisturizer and helps to restore skin damage done by the hot summer sun or the freezing winter wind.

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Pumpkin Love Juice

IMG_8186 (2)

I am a big fun of green smoothies. I can’t live a day without making one and keep experimenting with the green smoothie recipes. I don’t mind fresh made juices either. Both smoothies and juices are equally important for your body. The difference between having your favorite veggies and fruits and smoothies or juices is that there is much more fibre in smoothies that help you body to digest than in the juice. Also, you can experiment with your smoothies consistency and make it the way you like. When you make a juice you can really change the consistency a lot  – more or less the juice will always be a liquid:). Even so, sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh made juice to freshen yourself up and for a bit of a variety. I noticed recently that I have been slowly shifting to the veggies component in my green smoothies. I mean I have been slowly increasing the veggie component and decreasing the sweet fruit (or berries) one. Same with the juices. I used to be a big fun of citruses and sweet juices. I still love them, but mainly as a part of my veggie drink. Pumpkin juice is probably not the tastiest thing in the Universe if you have it just by itself. But by adding a few other ingredients you can dramatically change the taste of the juice. You will get all the good for health vitamins and micro-elements in a pumpkin to nourish your body and skin as well as enjoy drinking the juice. Pumpkin is reach in β-carotene as well as most of its close relatives such as carrots and sweet potato. It is also one of the natural antioxidants that helps to improve your skin health. There is much more to say about the health benefits of drinking and eating pumpkins but lets get back to the topic – pumpkin love juice recipe. Continue Reading →

100% Pure green drink


I have always wanted to create a pure green (no fruit) smoothie. A 100% green drink. It’s been a while and I have tried quite a few things. Today I am happy to say that I got very close to a really good one and I’m happy to share it with you guys! New recipe of pure green smoothie (no fruit, no sugar!) created and tested successfully. It tastes great! 100% sugar free!

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Gluten-Free and Oil-Free Coconut butter oatmeal cookies


I am in love with simple and healthy food, green smoothies and a healthy life. Those who follow me on Instagram probably already know that. I make a lot of green smoothies and I also love experimenting with green salads and healthy bites. My green recipes are simple and can be easily used in every day life. I never give up breakfast and believe that there is no need to spend ages in the kitchen to eat healthy and tasty. We all have so much to do!

I love having green smoothies for breakfast as the quickest and the fastest way to charge for the day. But this is not the only quick and healthy breakfast that I have. I love, for example, porridge and I love topping it with fruits, berries and seeds. I can also add a tiny bit of a maple syrup to enjoy my first meal of the day even more and then serve it. I usually have breakfast with my husband (most of my recipes for 2 serves) who is a big fan of my porridge and all the healthy meals and drinks by the way. That only means to me that the meals are not just healthy but tasty too if they are regularly get eaten by a man:) Well, by THE man in this case.  Recently we enjoyed a different type of breakfast that I already included in my list of healthy and quick breakfasts for us as well as after workouts healthy snacks. The reasons are the same:

  • These cookies are healthy (Gluten and Oil free).
  • Quick and easier to make (you don’t have to be very skilled to bake it. Just follow the simple instructions below).
  • They are good for the most important meal of the day (breakfast) and going well as a after-workout snack (which is also very important).
  • They are good for vegans too.
  • They go well with a morning coffee, if that is your thing.

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Sweet green fuel


I often mention in my Instagram posts that green smoothies energize me for the whole day if I have one for breakfast. I do believe it helps me to make it though even on the toughest of days. Last weekend I felt a bit sick and thought I would still have a glass of my favorite green cocktail hoping it would help me to get better faster. So I made a cup of green smoothie and put a bit more lemon as well as a bit of ginger (as I felt sick). It tasted great. I loved it. Even if it couldn’t really treat my sickness (nothing works better than hot tea with lemon and honey for me) it tasted great and made the day feel more normal to me, if you know what I mean. Also, some ingredients that can be used in green smoothies (most of greens and vegetables actually) work like an immunity and energy booster. Some of them are very good for detoxing, some of them essential for beautiful glowing skin… but I will probably talk about all of that later in my future posts as it is actually interesting and wide theme that we can discuss in details.

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About spinach, love and a healthier life


Today I’d like to tell you a love story. I wasn’t sure of the best way to talk about it and tell you how I feel and why this is so important to me to share. So I’ll just start from the beginning.

In this relationship I have been through all sorts of things. I remember the time when we hated each other, then the “cold period” of our relationship.. and a fantastic unforgettable time when I fell in love .. with Spinach.

Hehehe, please don’t think that I’m crazy talking like this. I just believe that spinach is an incredible plant that we often underestimate. I truly believe that it can completely change ones nutrition and even lifestyle.

Of course, Spinach has great health benefits. It’s low in calories yet very high in vitamins and minerals. It’s a very good source  of vitamin K, vitamin A, Magnesium, Folate, Manganese, Iron, Calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, Potassium, and vitamin B6. Wow.. That’s not all! Who would have thought hat Spinach is an excellent source of protein too! It’s packed with antioxidants and is much more nutritious that iceberg Lettuce, for example. This list can be very long if I start talking about all the health benefits that the vitamins containing in spinach deliver. Spinach is a heart-healthy food, helps digestion, good for your vision and this is far from the complete list of spinach health benefits.

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Everything you need to know to enjoy your green smoothie


It’s not a secret that I am a big fan of green smoothies. Just check out my Instagram… You’ll find lot’s of photos of green smoothies and veggie salads that I made and took photos of. I had those smoothies for my breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner or as a late night drink. I am in love with this healthy cocktail that made of greens, veggies, fruits and other goodies. I like to call all green smoothies ingredients “goodies.” I gave them that name “goodies” simply because it’s a well known fact that the most of them are good for health and nothing bad can come from having as much veggies and greens as you like. You’ll never get fat! Another reason to love green smoothies is that they tastes great. Yes, that’s right it’s not just extremely good for your health and you have to drink it due to health/weight-loss reasons. It does taste delicious if you know which ingredients to use and how to use them in the right proportions.

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Quite often on Sunday I hop in the car and just drive somewhere to go for a walk and be alone with the natural beauty, escaping the everyday reality.

I feel lucky that I live in Australia and have this great opportunity to walk by the ocean. Last Sunday I took a walk between two beaches along the ocean coast (from Pretty to Pebbly beach). It was a beautiful combination of beaches and forests, pure unspoiled nature, sea breeze, the sun and the ocean itself. Absolutely amazing 9K walk between 2 beaches. The walking path constantly meandered, going up to the bush and then back down to the beach. I enjoyed the changing landscape and fantastic views all the way long as well as walking on sand, sea pebbles and climbing small hills. Unsurprisingly the walk was a bit of exercising which I really enjoyed.  There was even a rope to climb which added a bit of excitement. Continue Reading →


I am not a crazy hiker dragging a huge backpack and several days’ supplies up to the top of the mountains and staying in the tent overnight. This is definitely not me. But I am a big fan of bushwalking. I feel lucky living in Australia. This is one of the best places in the world for doing the things I love. I love an active life, exercising and being outdoors. I love hiking. Here I would like to share with you why.

It is always a little adventure

It is always an adventure as you are going to a place you have never been before. I have not always liked hiking. I discovered it for myself a few years ago during one or my holidays in Europe and loved since Day 1. Since that I have done a lot of walking in Australia, Europe, USA and Russia and had absolutely amazing time discovering new walks in different countries. I will share some of the best hikes with you on my blog later. For now I just want to say that walking, bushwalking, hiking (call it what ever sounds good to you) is not a hard and boring thing to do as you might think. Quite the opposite. Continue Reading →

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