5 Reasons to love hiking

I am not a crazy hiker dragging a huge backpack and several days’ supplies up to the top of the mountains and staying in the tent overnight. This is definitely not me. But I am a big fan of bushwalking. I feel lucky living in Australia. This is one of the best places in the world for doing the things I love. I love an active life, exercising and being outdoors. I love hiking. Here I would like to share with you why.

It is always a little adventure

Bushwalking Australia

It is always an adventure as you are going to a place you have never been before. I have not always liked hiking. I discovered it for myself a few years ago during one of my holidays in Europe and loved since Day 1. Since that I have done a lot of walking in Australia, Europe, USA and Russia and had absolutely amazing time discovering new walks in different countries. I will share some of the best hikes with you on my blog later. For now I just want to say that walking, bushwalking, hiking (call it what ever sounds good to you) is not as hard and boring as you might think. Quite the opposite.

It is very good for your health

Walking helps to switch your mind from your every day routine and think about something nice and positive while enjoying fresh air and beautiful views. I love that bushwalking takes me away from the technology that surrounds me every day and replaces the harsh sounds of the modern world with the beautiful music of nature.  We all need a break from the modern world and I’m sure you would agree that getting this break gets harder and harder every day. Bushwalking is a great opportunity to forget about all your worries and just walk, letting your thoughts wander to those nice and positive places your mind loves to dwell. What else can you think of looking at this beauty?

A very enjoyable way to have a workout


During the week you might go to the gym or yoga class or run or you might do nothing at all depending on what you prefer and your lifestyle. Sometimes it just becomes boring. So why not replace one of your routine weekly workouts with a beautiful and enjoyable walk. I was surprised to find so many places to go for an evening walk after work, just a few minutes out of the way.  I think you will surprise yourself if you have a little look.  The internet is an amazing treasure chest of information about bushwalks.

A great time to spend with family and friends or just by yourself

IMG_6968 (3)

I often meet people on my walks. It might be the whole families or a company of friends or just single walkers which I found very romantic. Recently, when I’ve been out in the middle of nowhere I imagine myself as the main actress in the movie “Wild”, out on a mission of self discovery. Don’t know why but it seems very romantic to me. Maybe because of the movie. I don’t think Karl would be very happy if I went on a bushwalk just by myself but I would love to try it one day:) Because it will be a new experience and I have to check if it is really romantic to be alone in the bush 🙂

Walking is free


Another good reason to love hiking is because it is almost free. All you really need is a pair of comfortable shoes, well plus a thermos with a nice herbal tea in my case.

Oh, did I mentioned that it is an unique opportunity to take breathtaking view photos and share them with you friends on the net?

Be healthy and fabulous! x elena




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