Beauty secrets: 4 ways to enjoy frozen greens and other goodies

1A1A8835Life is such a busy thing nowadays and we all have hard mornings from time to time, when it’s not easy to wake up and even if you did make it to the bathroom and had a shower you still feel like you haven’t slept much and just want to go back to bed. Familiar with this feeling? Me too. Fortunately, there is one thing that always helps me to wake up, even on the hard mornings. If I feel tired and sleepy in the morning I love using herbs and veggie ice cubes to wash my face and freshen up. They work really well for me. I froze chamomile, herbal tea, mint, cucumbers and sometimes just pure water to use for washing my face in the morning. Cold ice-cubes improve circulation and help get rid of dark circles under your eyes. It works just perfectly when you still feel tired in the morning straight after waking up. I love doing it because it is also fun and feels really nice and refreshing on your skin. Also, washing my face with ice cubes almost every morning and playing around with different ways of using it I found that it is very pleasant to apply moisturizing face cream straight after. It prolongs the refreshing feeling that I like about using the cold cubes and makes your skin feel fresh for the whole morning!

Here are some of my favorite refreshing ice-cubes:

Leafy ice cubes1A1A8854

I like using mint. To make leafy mint ice cubes for washing your face in the morning simply cut the greens, place in ice tray and pour some pure water. Freeze. Apply in the morning, gently rubbing a cube over your face. Remove extra water and leaves with a dry facial towel (don’t rub, just slightly touch), apply your moisturizing day cream.

Herbal ice cubes

To make herbal tea ice cubes brew a little tea pot of chamomile and/or green herb tea. Leave for a few minutes to let the herbs infuse well and tea cool down. Pour the ready tea in an ice tray. Freeze. Apply to your face in the morning. 1A1A3537 (1)I love making chamomile and fresh mint herbal tea – to drink myself and usually froze the leftovers for refreshing ice cubes face wash in the morning.

Veggie ice cubesDSCF4721

To make cucumber ice cubes simply puree a cucumber and freeze. Use as a homemade cleanser whenever you like. It’s not just cleaning your skin very well but also feels nice and smells great!

Mixed ice cubes

Now about drinks. Guess what? You can use any of the herbal and veggies ice cubes for making green smoothie. Almost all of my green smoothie recipes contain “10 ice cubes” in case I use fresh (not frozen ingredients). 1A1A2926Using ice cubes or frozen ingredients is essential for making green smoothies. Because a warm green smoothie is not the best tasting thing in the world. Also, by using ice cubes you can adjust the consistency as you like and add some herbal flavour to a plain drink.

Iced tea, fruity water, cocktails and other drinks. Why having a plain tea or water when you can make fruity one? Place berries, cut fruit in an ice tray, add water, freeze. Use any time when you feel like it. Have fun!  …And guess what? Yes, you can use the fruity cubes for a different flavor in your green smoothie too!

I love to have a choice of different plants/veggies/berries and herbal tea ice cubes in my freezer always ready to go to my fresh made green smoothie/iced tea or take care of my morning face.

If you like it too feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you tried some of my favorite ice cubes.

Be healthy and fabulous!

xo elena





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