Pumpkin Love Juice

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I am a big fun of green smoothies. I can’t live a day without making one and keep experimenting with the green smoothie recipes. I don’t mind fresh made juices either. Both smoothies and juices are equally important for your body. The difference between having your favorite veggies and fruits and smoothies or juices is that there is much more fibre in smoothies that help you body to digest than in the juice. Also, you can experiment with your smoothies consistency and make it the way you like. When you make a juice you can really change the consistency a lot  – more or less the juice will always be a liquid:). Even so, sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh made juice to freshen yourself up and for a bit of a variety. I noticed recently that I have been slowly shifting to the veggies component in my green smoothies. I mean I have been slowly increasing the veggie component and decreasing the sweet fruit (or berries) one. Same with the juices. I used to be a big fun of citruses and sweet juices. I still love them, but mainly as a part of my veggie drink. Pumpkin juice is probably not the tastiest thing in the Universe if you have it just by itself. But by adding a few other ingredients you can dramatically change the taste of the juice. You will get all the good for health vitamins and micro-elements in a pumpkin to nourish your body and skin as well as enjoy drinking the juice. Pumpkin is reach in β-carotene as well as most of its close relatives such as carrots and sweet potato. It is also one of the natural antioxidants that helps to improve your skin health. There is much more to say about the health benefits of drinking and eating pumpkins but lets get back to the topic – pumpkin love juice recipe.

There are lots and lots of pumpkin juice recipes mostly because you can use pumpkin as a base to create a big variety of different flavours. Here I am sharing one of the simplest and my most favorite one (that’s why I call it “Love”:).

Pumpkin love juice ingredients:

  • 1 small pumpkin
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 red apples
  • 1 cm ginger
  • cinnamon

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To make pumpkin love juice:  wash your pumpkin, peel the hard skin, cut the pumpkin in four parts, remove the pulp and seeds from the  middle of the pumpkin, chop into smaller pieces. Peel the carrots and red apple, chop all the ingredients. Place all the ingredients in your juice maker and juice normally. Enjoy!

Feel free to live a comment and share you favorite pumpkin juice recipes in your comment as well.

Thank you! Be healthy and fabulous!

xo elena





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